From Farm to Royalty: the Tale of a Wisconsin Princess

Haven’t you always wanted to be a fairy princess? Now replace the ‘f’ on fairy with a ‘d’ and answer the question…

It’s okay, we all know that ever since you were little you have wanted to be a dairy princess. From your days on the playground standing at the top of the jungle gym (aka-your castle), to your teenage nights you spent dreaming of your prince charming coming to rescue you from your top-story prison of a room.
(Sorry guys… must be a girl thing!)

And this girl has made her dream come true.

(Royal trumpets start blaring, people start applauding, and narrator voice speaks from the sky to announce…)
The 2009 Wisconsin Holstein Princess, Laura Elliott.

Well-groomed hair, fashionable dress wear, and trendy high heels make Laura seem like she plays the traditional damsel in distress bit well: but don’t let these good looks fool you! As this year’s Wisconsin Holstein Princess, Laura has spent a considerable amount of time on the road visiting elementary schools and getting dairy’s good name out to the public.

Becoming Wisconsin’s Holstein Princess means that Laura took on a lot of duties, especially since it is now considered an internship with all of the public relations and hours involved. Interviews, camps, fairs, shows, and conferences- you name it, she attends it.

In addition to all of her royal duties, Laura has taken on many more responsibilities. She works for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection as an Agricultural Business Consultant and part time graphic designer. She recently started doing cheese demos and marketing for Crave Brothers Homestead Cheese, AND she was just offered a position through the University of Wisconsin Extension, as the dairy youth specialist.

With all of that work ethic, this girl has GOT to be from a dairy farm.

And she is! Born in California where her family was in partnership with a dairy, her experience in the dairy industry started at a very young age. In 1995 her family made the move to Wisconsin, where they have been dairy farming ever since. Laura was actively involved in 4-H for 12 years, acting as board members and ambassadors. She was also active in her school’s FFA chapter, serving many officer positions and participating on the dairy judging team. One year, she was the president of the Wisconsin Junior Jersey Breeders Association. She is a member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and she has competed in dairy quiz bowl for over eight years. Her team has won the state competition and taken third place at nationals.

So could this dairy-loving, busy Princess go on to be Miss America someday? Maybe…. But she says that after she graduates from the University of Wisconsin (Did I mention she is double majoring in Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication Business emphasis, with a dairy enterprise management option?!? ), she plans to work for an AI company in public relations and advertising. She also plans to do freelance design for companies. Her ultimate dream? “My ultimate dream would be to open my own advertising firm that is primarily agricultural with an emphasis in dairy.”

~Fun Facts~

Favorite ice cream? Chocolate Peanut Butter...made by Babcock Dairy Hall on UW Madison campus

Favorite milk flavor? White

Favorite dairy breed? Holsteins

Favorite beverage to drink in the morning? Milk

Favorite beverage to pour on cereal? Milk

Favorite beverage to add chocolate to? Milk

*Keep up the great work Laura, and good luck in everything you do!*

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Comment by Jan Holter on December 14, 2009 at 4:55pm
That was a great story Kelsey Michelle!! Laura is a very busy busy girl!! Your story made me hold my breath to see who the princess was!!! lol!! You have such a gift. Once again, I am proud to know you!! Anxiously awaiting your next feature!!! (That part about Prince Charming,,,,, I just know that was you looking out your window waiting..... hope is wasn't thought of as PRISON!!!) ha ha
Comment by Ryan Curtis on December 3, 2009 at 8:44am
I like the trumpets blaring with the applause and narrator announcing the guest of honor. :) I don't think talk show guests get that kind of welcome. I can't think of anything else to pour on my breakfast. ;) Good job Kelsey!


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