Gingerbread Contest, Proud to Dairy style

Today was the Progressive Dairy Publishing office Christmas party. We had great food, played some games, watched CityBoy's 12 Days of Christmas, and exchanged presents via the famous "Steal-A-Gift" game. (If you're not familiar with the rules, see this Wikipedia post about white elephant gift exchange.)

One of the highlights of the party was a gingerbread decorating contest. Everyone in the office was given a blank gingerbread form and encouraged to dress it up.

The winner of the contest was designer/illustrator (and co-creator of CityBoy) Kevin Brown with Chewbacca from Star Wars, pictured second from left, bottom row.

Ryan Curtis and I were proud of our designs, and we thought we should share them with our Proud to Dairy friends.

Here's Ryan's Proud to Dairy gingerbread man. This was a favorite of many and was probably a top contender with Kevin's "Chewie."

And here's my gingerbread dairy princess, modeled after my lovely sister, Sarah, who was the 2006-2007 Pennsylvania State Dairy Princess.

Fun times. :)

Merry Christmas on behalf of the entire Progressive Dairy Publishing team!

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