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I just wanted to share some of my personal greek yogurt recipes here. I've added a picture of each one including a short description. I'm very curious to find out what you guys think about my recipes and whether someone here as tried any of them before! Click the title to see the recipe page. You can also find all my recipes on my blog Greek Yogurt Paradise


Greek yogurt pancakes - view recipe

Extra fluffy whole wheat greek yogurt pancakes. A very healthy, simple to make, extremely tasty breakfast that you just can't miss out on!

Homemade greek yogurt - view recipe

Discover how to make the single best homemade Greek yogurt in a few simple steps, for a fraction of the cost and without a yogurt maker!

Greek yogurt chicken - view recipe

Discover my simple 3-step greek yogurt chicken recipe! Impress your friends at a barbecue, make your family drop their jaws at dinner. A guaranteed success!

Chicken salad with greek yogurt - view recipe

Greek yogurt is a great substitute ingredient for mayonnaise. And in my chicken salad with greek yogurt recipe you won't be missing the mayonnaise one bit!

Greek yogurt cheesecake - view recipe

It's time to share my greek yogurt cake recipe, cheesecake to be exact! This homemade greek yogurt cheesecake is creamy, but no cream cheese will be used!

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