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Hey everyone,

Just a couple of delicious smoothie recipes I wanted to share with you that have greek yogurt in them. All recipes can also be found on my blog Greek Yogurt Paradise.

Happy blending!

Greek yogurt blueberry smoothie - view recipe

It's smoothie time, greek yogurt blueberry smoothie time to be exact. And it just so happens to be that greek yogurt is the perfect ingredient for this delicious treat.

Greek yogurt strawberry smoothie - view recipe

Don't you love those smoothies that remind you of a warm sunrise? Today I'd like to share my greek yogurt strawberry smoothie recipe. Discover heaven now!

Greek yogurt pina colada smoothie - view recipe

Everybody loves a pina colada. And you're definitely gonna love my smoothie variation, which of course includes some delicious and healthy greek yogurt!

Berry banana greek yogurt smoothie - view recipe

This greek yogurt smoothie recipe blows all other smoothies out of the water. Super tasty, and to make things extra healthy, my simple secret ingredient...

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