If anybody loves the dairy industry, it would have to be Kipp Hinz.

From Osceola Wisconsin, this hard working student has more on his mind than college-life activities…

Kipp is attending school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in the Farm and Industry Short Course specializing in Dairy Herd Management.

He started working on the County Line Dairy Farm while in the 6th grade, a farm comprised of 60 cows in tie-stalls. He started at a very young age working in every aspect of the farm including field work.

In high school, Kipp found out that AP Bio and Calc weren’t his calling, so he decided to switch gears over to his school’s “Work for Credit” program. Once he started in the program there was, literally, no stopping him.

Kipp was working at not one, but TWO farms when he was just a sophomore in high school. Sticking to the County Line Dairy in the evenings, he found a new farm, the Wurst Farm, to wake up to every morning.

At the Wurst Farm he was in charge of 50 cows in tie-stalls. (and if you are keeping tabs this early in the story, that is 2 farms, over 100 cows, everyday, for a sophomore in high school….)
While at this farm, Kipp did all of the morning chores alone BEFORE school.

“I fed the cows, milked them, and fed the calves all before 8 in the morning,” said Kipp. “So I learned how to manage my time, even though not every morning I made it to school on time. But I tried my hardest.”

The next stop on Kipp’s farm adventures is the Johnson Farm, where he worked the rest of his high school career. He worked with 100 cows, morning and evening, milking up to 14 times a week, no holidays off, all the while keeping up with schoolwork and playing sports. (He has more work ethic than 5 regular Joe’s bunched together!)

On this last farm, Horse Creek Holsteins, Kipp was immediately appointed to assistant herdsman and helping with the care of over 300 registered Holsteins. He started out milking, and then moved to pushing the cows in the parlor. After this, he learned to treat cows with IV’s and how to diagnose the cows properly. He moved on to vaccinations for all cows, then to heifer detection, where he learned heat cycles and became AI certified. He then went on to fresh cows and calf care.

“I learned from my boss how to appreciate feeding calves,” said Kipp. “This being one of my most hated jobs turned into one of my favorites.”

On the side, Kipp is sharpening his Spanish skills to keep up with the other hired hands, which he hopes to hire for his own someday.

“I couldn’t have enough respect for those men. They work a lot of hours in a week and couldn’t be happier,” Kipp said.

So through all of his trials and tribulations, has Kipp Hinz really learned anything?

“I learned that quality is everything. I learned farms are not run solo, they need experts involving teamwork, constantly changing ideas and doing things right.”

So what else does Kipp love?

“I love showing cows and I am inspired by the great genetics of Holsteins. I also love clipping and fitting animals and seeing how much a cow can change for a show.”

He got into showing and clipping over the past couple years and even took his talents to school and displayed them on the UW Madison Dairy Judging Team this past year.

So between working, judging, and doing school work, Kipp is finding the time to start up his own herd of high-quality Holsteins. He was offered 30 cows by his neighbor, and he plans to use them as ET cows. After all is said and done, Kipp will eventually have his own herd, with genetics that will hopefully keep him afloat when he first starts his farm.

I’m willing to bet that we will start to see Kipp Hinz’s name in more than just a Proud to Dairy blog very soon. So if anyone has the chance to get to know Kipp, they should take it!
Thank you Kipp and good luck in everything you do!

Did you know…..

That Kipp’s favorite milk is Whole Milk!

His favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate!

His favorite cookie to dip in milk is The Chocolate Chip Cookie!

And... let's not forget he really loves his truck :)

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Comment by Ryan Curtis on February 4, 2010 at 2:54pm
Way to go Kipp! What kind of truck do you have?



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