Corn harvest started here this week.  That means long days and short nights around here for a month or better. 

Harvest is my favorite time of year.  I like it more than New Years for that feeling of renewal and new beginnings. However, it does present a few challenges.  For me, I become a single parent as my husband is in a corn chopper sun-up to sundown.  I don’t mind a bit, but keeping the household running at it’s typical efficiency – which occasionally hits moderate success, but mostly devolves to extreme chaos -- gets a little hectic.

Family meals are pretty few and far between during the school year anyway, but nonexistent during harvest. This time of year, I’m looking for quick and easy meals. They have to be handheld so they can been eaten between trucks while sitting in the chopper.  For my kids, they have to be quick to grab between school and practice but contain enough nutrients to get them through a volleyball game or music rehearsal.

A few years ago, I came across a book Power Hungry; the Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook by Camilla V. Saulsbury and when I have a chance I prepare the snacks.  This week, while looking for something different in the way of quick meals, I gave the Banana Blondie Protein Pucks a try. 

Before you start picturing rock hard rubber hockey pucks in your head, let me assure you, in this case, the “pucks” are more like muffins and usually taste far better than your average hockey puck after it’s slid across the ice. 


Banana Blondie Protein Pucks


1 cup almonds, raw or toasted

1¼ cups mashed, very ripe bananas

3 large eggs

2 large egg whites

1 cup lightly packed all–natural sweetened vanilla whey protein powder


1 teaspoon baking powder

¼ teaspoon fine sea salt


1) Spray a 12-cup muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray

2) Preheat oven to 325 degrees

3) Place the almonds in a food processor and process until finely chopped (but not a paste). Add the bananas, eggs, egg whites, protein powder, baking powder, and salt. Process, using on/off pulses until blended and smooth. 

4) Divide the batter evenly in the prepared muffins cups.

5) Bake in the preheated oven for 20–25 minutes or until the edges are golden and the center is just set when touched. Transfer to wire rack and cool completely. Removed from pan and store in the refrigerator or freezer.


I doubled my recipe making one batch as directed above. In the second batch, I followed one of the suggested variations in the book adding peanuts, dried cherries and chocolate chips for Banana Split Protein Pucks.  

The plain batch was a bit bland, I thought. However, my dairyman really liked them. The bonus is, they’re very filling so would be a good item to grab when you’re on the go. I liked the banana split version better because, let’s face it, chocolate makes everything better. Both will freeze well.

Here's hoping all of you have a healthy and productive harvest season. I'd love to see the recipes for the foods that keep your family moving during this busy time of year. Please share!



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