My name is Katie Dellar, and I own a dairy farm in NE lower Michigan with my husband Jason.  We are the owners/operators of the entire operation, and we are raising four children on our farm.  Kiersten-5, Matthew- almost 4, Victoria-2 and Will-9months.  We milk roughly 50-70 cows mostly holsteins with a few jerseys (my suggestion ;)) plus dry cows and raise our own young stock. 

I run a Facebook page called Dairy Mom which I started about 6 months ago.  I do this because I am fairly new to the dairy industry, I didn't become a dairy farmer until after I married my husband (7.5 years ago) who is a 4th generation dairy farmer.  I was pre-law at a state university when we met over summer break while I was home, I will not pretend that I grew up on a farm or that I know everything, because I'm still learning, every day.  I feel this is what gives me an advantage when maintaining a social network page because I was once an outsider, so I know what outsiders can be led to believe, and since I absolutely love my work, I want to share it with the world!  If you would like, check it out, and post a link to your own page there, I love to share with my fans other places where they can get a positive, educational dairy experience.  I have also attended two media spokesperson seminars provided by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan, which is where our check off dollars go.  If you ever get an opportunity to attend something of this sort, I highly recommend it!  I never thought the dairy industry would lead me much further than a milking pit, or tractor driving, but to be able to reach over 100 people daily, with positive messages about the food they are putting on their tables for their families, has really given me a new perspective on my role in the dairy industry. 

I am very proud of what we do, and wouldn't trade my work for the world.  I love being able to take my children to work with me every day, or to work while they are still sleeping so I can spend all day with them.  We have worked really hard to achieve goals and still have so many ahead of us, I never tire of being excited about our work.  We have also met some of the most amazing friends through dairy networks who we share our stories, and work with, which makes it even more rewarding. 

I really hope to meet some producers through this site and create even more friendships.  Thanks for taking the time to read this! 

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