How My Family Celebrated June Dairy Month

June 2013 has come to a close.  This past month people celebrated June Dairy Month in a variety of ways.  Many different people in the dairy industry challenged us to do something to promote of industry during the month of June through their blogs and Facebook pages.   I wanted to do something but I wasn't sure what.  My time was limited, so I thought about it for awhile.


One day an idea popped into my head.  I went to talk to the person about my idea but she wasn't there.  Maybe this is a silly idea, I thought.  Went on with my busy life.  A couple weeks later towards the end of the month I ran into the lady I wanted to talk to a couple weeks earlier.  So I told her my idea.  She thought it was awesome, and said that no one had every done that before.


So, here's what we did.  We purchased 40 1/2 gallon packages of ice cream and donated it to the local food pantry.  They serve an average of 40 families each month.  This will allow each family to enjoy one of my families favorite dairy treats, ice cream.  I also typed up a little information sheet about our farm and family that will be handed out with the ice cream.  These families may not have the resources to enjoy a cool snack on a hot day, but now they will be able to. 


My boys helped me deliver the ice cream to the food pantry.  I smile from ear to ear just thinking of those families or even a little kid enjoying that sweet taste.

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