"I Support Dairy Farmers" - Facebook Style

For one girl who joined Proud To Dairy, getting a free profile and networking community just wasn’t enough. She had to get a hat too.

Sorry! That may have been some jealousy coming out in me! The girl I am referring to is Erin Jones. She was the 300th member to join PTD, and therefore, she received a free hat
from the PTD team. Pretty snazzy deal,

(and it also makes me wonder what they will give to the 400th member….hmmmm)

Although the numbers of this social media site are growing (we are up to 342 now!) there is another
social media site that is doing some within our industry. Facebook.

Okay, okay. So I know that everyone is probably tired of hearing about Facebook in the world today… but this is something that I know you will
want to hear about.

If you are “up-to-date” with Facebook, then you should check out the group “I Support Dairy Farmers”, created by Erin.

Erin is from Homer, New York, where she was inspired to make the Facebook group from her sister, Chelsea.
When Chelsea came home from her English class one day after having to
write about how “bad commercial farms were”, Erin decided to take action.

The Facebook group, “I Support Dairy Farmers”, grew to over 5,000 members within 48 hours.

As of Thursday, the group is up to more than 19,000 members. Did you read that correctly?
YES 19,000 members!

On the page, there are many discussions that members can engage in, as well as over 600 pictures they can view that have been added by

But perhaps the most popular aspect of the group is the wall, where producers and consumers seem to voice their opinions quite
often. From thank-you snippets to memoirs of dairy
professionals, the wall is full of aspects from every part of the world.

So what is the message that you should take away from Erin and her group? That even in tough times, when as
it seems that nothing is going our way and everyone is against us, that we can all stand together and help
each other. Whether it is through consumers, or through ourselves, we should be
supporting each other and staying together as one industry for what we love:

Thank you Erin for taking the time to create and manage such a wonderful group!

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Comment by Erin Jones on March 5, 2010 at 11:30am
Thank You Kelsey, I had to get something out of the whole deal ;). P.S. it is a really nice hat!


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