May 2013:

What would you say has been the most important thing you've learned from raising your own dairy animals?  (If you can't pick just one, feel free to do a "Top 5".) 

Top 5 helpful facts I’ve learned:

1. Dairy animals can even kick to the SIDE.

2. Rain isn’t just kind of important.

3. Water trough floats are a genius invention.

4. No matter how much work you do, there is always more to be done.

5. Moving slowly can actually get some things done faster.

Top 5 inspirational things I’ve learned:

1. For each loudly ugly-mean person, there are several quiet, supportive people that make everything better with the wisdom they offer. 

2. God even watches over expectant heifers and baby calves.

3. Nothing feels better than a job well done.

4. Even when something is flawed, God can make it perfect.

5. There is a lesson to be learned in everything. 

Top 5 WEIRD things I’ve learned:

1. No matter how full a first-calf heifer’s udder appears, it can get bigger...and bigger and bigger before it ever calves.

2. Psycho dams apparently pass the gene along to their offspring.

3. You can have your favorite animal picked out ahead of time to use for showmanship, but on the day of the contest she will turn out to be the one that comes into heat and starts acting crazy.


4. Calves can be sweet and friendly and lovey-dovey to you every day...until you put a halter on them to start their training.

5. You can work your butt off all day long and accomplish a million things, but if you sit down for five minutes, that’s when an adult will see you.

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Comment by Betsy Fleury on May 3, 2013 at 9:28am

Maddie, your top 5's are all very true. And your top 5 weird things are extremely funny! Thanks for sharing.


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