It's fair time... and we all know what that means... QUESTIONS!!

County fairs and state fairs are in full swing... this is a great time to start working with the public. We, as an industry, are doing great at communicating with each other. Unfortunately, that is not going to fix our problem. And lets not sugar coat it, the negative light constantly on the dairy industry is a problem.

So my advice for the day-- smile and prove the community wrong. I know its hot in the barn and you're trying to get the cows milked so you can get home in time to finish chores. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take the time to introduce yourself to the community members and answer their questions with a positive attitude.

The questions you will be asked are usually simple questions that can be easily answered with a simple answer. We may want to laugh at some but answer all of the questions, everything from, "Why are they so skinny?' to "Why do you cut the cows hair like that?'

So as you set up for a long week at the fair... keep your aisle clean, cows comfortable, be ready to answer lots of questions, and don't forget to smile! Good luck!!

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Comment by Ray Merritt on August 19, 2010 at 2:53pm
Great ideas Bailee! Way to be proactive.



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