After coming home from class Monday, I got an unexpected phone call. This twelve year old, fellow Holstein junior, wouldn't usually call without reason, so I answered.

    Making casual conversation, I asked how she was doing and her reply caught me off guard. She then explained to me that her friends had ran across a video online that, as usual, put the agriculture industry in a negative light. The video sparked an interest in the girls to do more research.

     After some serious twelve year old thinking, they decided they no longer felt comfortable consuming animal products. This young dairy advocate was heartbroken, and did not know how to handle the situation. However, she felt a strong sense of obligation to do something.

    We discussed her options, I gave her sources to find facts from and talked to her about the importance of always talking positively and expressing your love for the animals in your actions and AND words. The cows were waiting to be milked and I was confident in her ability to represent us, so I wished her the best and hung up.

    The next day, she informed me she was planning to invite these young girls to her extended family's dairy farm to show them the passion for our animals and the quality of our product.

    We are always focused on the misinformed adults. Maybe we should turn the light toward the future... the children in the schools that only hear one side of the story.


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Comment by Michelle Lancaster on December 18, 2011 at 6:22pm

Not all dairies are as contientious as they should be, so like anything in life, seeing one firsthand is the best way to inform consumers as well as keep the farmers remembering for WHO they are producing a quality product and how important that is. :)

Giving tours to school and day care groups are great ways to help children learn about dairying!



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