Roger and I traveled to American Farm Bureau annual meeting in Atlanta, GA a few weeks ago.  As any fan of the weather channel knows, this picture could have been taken there in mid-January!  I took this picture on our farm the morning after our return. 

       In Atlanta, a southern city was paralyzed by snow and significant ice.  (I think the ice was more the culprit in three day closures than snow.)  People could not live normal lives.  There was no way to travel from point A to point B, so most missed work and stayed home.

       When we got home to Michigan, our kids were busily at work.  Well, Margie is 20 and Lydia is 16, so calling them kids is an endearment...

        Margie and Lydia wrote a very humorous song about their week of dairying sans Dad.  Using the lyrics to "So You Had a Bad Day" they gave us a report.  Turns out water froze, tractor got a flat tire, two heifers and one cow calved, which led to the bulk tank actually overflowing.  All in all, they had lots of excitement.  They are exhausted, mentally and physically.  We are proud of these two farmers' daughters:)  Awesome job, girls!

        I need to get a photo of the two in the barn to post...

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