Every person growing up on a dairy farm has memories of calves.  Even through I didn't grow up on a dairy farm, my parents did get steer calves every summer.  We got to feed them.  Learning how to mix milk, when to offer starter, and keeping them healthy have only benefited me today.  I'll ever forget the first time I let a calf suck on my fingers.  That wet warm tickly feeling still makes me giggle today.


Back in September I asked my boys if they wanted to enter the Kids and Calves contest.  They said yes.  So off we embarked on a family adventure to share their lives with calves with the world.  It was fun to snuggle with the younger ones on the couch and have them dictate their blogs to me.  Hearing their stories through their interpretations was priceless.  My oldest son, Randy, wrote some nice blogs.  I made him type his own through a little protest.  He's had keyboarding in school, so he knows how to run a computer.  From the beginning we treated this as a family event.  No matter they outcome we were in it together. 


Capturing pictures that tell a story and share the memories was a lot of fun.  I took my camera to the barn every day.  The boys were always smiling for the camera, anxious to be the first to have their picture taken with a newborn calf. They were keeping track of who had how many photos and how close they were to 10.  It was not uncommon for me to hear, "I need more pictures mom."  We captured pictures of hours old calves, feeding calves, dipping navels, showing calves, and teamwork.


Then there was the challenge of creating a video.  I have never created a video and put on YouTube before.  But as any mother can attest to, the things we learn and do for our children.  I borrowed a FlipCam and off we went.  Boys were given strict orders to keep it short and there would be no editing.  Thus you hear me on the other side of the camera.  Maybe someday I'll learn how to create and edit videos.  Each boy chose a different topic.  We had halter breaking calves for show, mixing milk, and newborn calf care.  Yes, that's iodine on the calves back in the calf cart.  They got a little carried away with it that morning.  I shared the link on my Facebook page to get friends and family to watch their videos.  Ever night after supper we had to check to see how many views their videos had.


I enjoy following other dairy farm women who share their story through social media with the world.  I do have a personal goal to do this myself someday.  Right know, I focus on sharing with my dairy friends here on Proud to Dairy.  Our little adventure as a family was fun and created memories for us.  I want to thank Progressive Dairyman and Proud to Dairy for sponsoring the contest and awarding my boys the coolers.  Even though they are a little big for taking lunch to school in, I got a feeling they will use them for that.  I also want to thank Vetericyn.  We stopped by their booth at World Dairy Expo to thank them, and the representatives treated us like friends.  They demonstrated all the products we would be receiving in the mail, gave us some extra fun things, and satisfied their sweet tooth.  Children are the future of the dairy industry, and it's people in companies like Progessive Dairyman and Vetericyn through their sponsorship of contests like Kids and Calves help fuel the passion in these youth.


What's your favorite memory of a calf?

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