Let’s Promote “Back to School with Dairy”

It’s August and soon kids will be heading back to school. This is a perfect time to promote dairy foods as nutritious and convenient for children’s breakfast, snack and lunch.
After all, dairy foods provide nine essential nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, which are important for strong bones and a healthy diet. Dairy products taste great and are good for you. It’s recommended we consume 3 servings of dairy each day so encouraging people to include dairy should be an easy sell!

Share information and resources with friends about how to easily incorporate dairy foods into their family’s meal and snack routine.

Here are some resources worth sharing:  

Recipes from the National Dairy Council

Dairy Makes Sense Recipes for meals, snacks, desserts and drinks

“33 Tasty Snack Ideas” from the National Dairy Council


American Dairy Association Mideast: Child Nutrition

Why Milk? Website – features information about the nine essential nutrients dairy provides

Top Five Reasons to Raise Your Hand for Flavored Milk

Pick one or two of these links to share via social media, email, school newsletter or simply word of mouth.

If you have quick and easy dairy food ideas or recipes, please share them with me! Let’s promote back to school with dairy together!

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