Cant believe this amazing adventure feel on my lap! This summer I am going on an amazing trip to Tasmania to live, work, and study dairy production and management.  This is
AMAZING because my whole life I have always wanted to go down under, and the
idea of going to Australia and to be with cows is a dream come true.  Not to mention my love to wallabies, will be satisfied
there! Sun, Cows, and Wallabies, what else could a gal ask for.

To be honest, I am both excited and nervous. This will be my first trip out of the country and my first time working hand in hand with cattle. Last summer I was an intern with WSU livestock nutrient management (http://www.puyallup.wsu.edu/dairy/nutrient-management/default.asp)
and had a blast working with the digester.  I could talk all day about struvite, and ammonia
all day.  I was nervous also to start
that intern especially I was so young when I started. I just turned 19 and was
working side by side with a PHD student and master student. Theses gals Jamie
Jarrett and Olivia Saunders were some of the best co workers I could have asked
for. We had long drives to the digester and we laughed the whole way and talked
about being young and crazy!

So this summer will be the first time living and working with all the responsibilities as a farmer, and I could not be happier!  Currently I work at the swine center and have learned so much as the day to day challenges a farmer face with livestock. When
working at the digester it truly was not a big deal if we got the day off or
tool off early.  At the swine center it
is a big deal, no matter what the pigs need to be clean, full, and happy.  Pigs may be my work but my passion has to be
cattle. I love being in dairy club and taking my dairy classes are fantastic.
Here at WSU I am blessed to have grade A dairy teachers!!!

The idea of living in another country terrifies me! All these expensive that pop up make me nervous! The idea of paying bills, grocery shopping buy a car ( a car with the drivers wheel on the other side) is nerve
racking! Currently living in the dorms on campus is Childs play compared to
what I am going to take on! But “I can do it!!” Just like moving away, learning
to drive, and driving on icy roads are rights of passages that we must endure.

Even with all these worries and fears I feel that this is right for me. Today I took a tour of dairy gold in Sunnyside WA and being surrounded with dairy products felt so right. I love dairy! That love and
dedicate may take me to the ends of the earth but it will be an adventure none
the less!!


Have A Dairy Good Day,


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