Liz Doornink is up for Ag Woman of the Year

Ag Connect has nominated Liz Doornink for Ag Woman of the year. She is the only dairy woman up for the award. Here is her bio.
Liz Doornink is the co-leader of AFACT, American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology. Her family owns Jon-De Farm, Inc., a dairy farm in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Liz is passionate about the dairy business and has an interesting perspective, raised a city girl in New York. Liz is concerned that our world will have the ability to produce enough food for 9 billion people in 2050 (United Nations prediction). Safe, abundant food requires safe technology. Yet, many are fearful and skeptical about using technology in food production. Organizing and speaking, Liz has taught many to speak out and advocate for agriculture, correcting misconceptions, sharing values, traveling around the country. Liz has also hosted hundreds of visitors to Jon-De Farm and has given many interviews, including one to the BBC. Leading by example, Jon-De Farm participates in Wisconsin voluntary environmental stewardship program, Green Tier.

Let's help her out! Go to this link and vote for her.

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