I saw this article referenced on Twitter and wanted to check it out. It is a good representation of what can happen when producers and Agriculture join together and let their voice be heard. I also think we can't assume it's over. We need to keep going. Speak up, Speak often and show your pride. Be Proud to Dairy.

"Last December, hundreds of Ohio farmers representing all 88 counties met to vote on Ohio Farm Bureau’s policies for 2009. They approved extensive animal care policy, which stated that 'we support properly researched, veterinary approved and industry-tested poultry and livestock practices that provide consumers with a wholesome food supply' and 'we oppose legislation that, unless clear abuse is evident, restricts private ownership or use of animals.' Additionally, farmers stated that 'we oppose legislation that restricts or prohibits a producer’s ability to produce and sell livestock that is raised according to industry accepted animal husbandry practices.'”

Read the rest here.

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