As farmers we all know the old adage, "Make Hay When the Sun Shines." Our growing seasons seem to revolve around it and I feel like my daily life follows closely with it. You never know when that small rain storm is going to come through and ruin your chance for cutting hay. Or when that piece is of equipment is going to break down and ruin the entire day. 

Over the past few months we have had what I like to call 'Making Hay' milk prices. What I mean is these are the milk prices where can get those things done that we just have not had the chance or the financial means to do. Like upgrading the bulk tank, building a calf barn or adding headlocks into a barn. Or, you could do all three of those things like on our farm!

Apparently everyone had the same idea as us because when researching building supplies we were getting dates into August (this was in early May) and even later. The fact that as an industry we are able to make these things happen is exciting! The lingering thoughts of what 2009 was like always remind me to be thankful for the good prices we have had and the fact that we are able to cash flow today. 

As a brand new college graduate who was trying to sell for a bull stud, I will never forget how horrible 2009 was and it will always be a reminder that things don't always stay like this. Even now making good, sound decisions will make your farm money even when times are more difficult. Making improvements that will increase the efficiency of your management and the environment for your animals will always be a winner. But, we should all take advantage that sun while it shines because you never know when the next rain cloud will move in. 

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