March-April Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Student of the Month

Congratulations to Nathan Sherman, who is the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Student of the Month for March and April 2014.

Nathan is a junior in a home schooling program and this is his first year participating in the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow (DLT) online curriculum. His family owns a dairy farm in Mansfield, Tioga County. He is serious about what he does and on any given day you will find him working with his father to run the family business. When asked about why he is interested in the dairy he said, “It’s what I do and what I want to do as a career. It also allows me to earn an ag science credit for school.”

This program allows him to acquire knowledge in every area of the dairy industry. He just participated in the DLT Farm Tour this past Friday, April 11th, in Martinsburg, PA, where he toured Kulp Family Dairy, LLC and Dry Creek Dairy. He gives his uncle the credit for why he is in the program because he showed him an advertisement for it from an agriculture publication.

Nathan expects to take all he learns from the various modules back to the farm, where he wants to work full-time upon graduation. Every part of the farm interests him. However, his passions center around milking, herd health and reproduction work. Eventually, he would like to see their business expand the milking cows from 100 to 140 milking cows and possibly go to three times a day milking. The farm has always been owned by a member of his family, and he intends to keep it that way.

Visit for more information on this program or call the center at 717-346-0849.



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