Member Feature: October: The Beginning!

When I was approached by Ryan Curtis to write blogs for Proud to Dairy, at first I was so excited!... and then the panicking started in and the doubtful questions started ringing in my mind; ‘ Who am I going to interview?’, ‘What am I going to ask?’ and ‘When am I going to have time to write this?’. I must say that after much deliberate thinking, I have concluded to write this first interview on, none other than, myself.


Okay, hear me out for two minutes (because my reasoning’s are completely innocent and 100% honest). I am, essentially, interviewing myself because I think that in order for you, the readers, bloggers, and fellow dairy enthusiasts, to genuinely be interested in this new monthly blogging feature is to get to know the person who will be sending you a message, asking you to be her next feature. I am a strong believer in family ties, and knowing a little about someone before I go sharing personal information with is something that I was always taught to do, for safety’s sake at least. So here is a little bit about me and why I am choosing to continue my life in the dairy industry.

Growing up, I was never told or expected to help out on my family’s dairy farm; I just did it anyway. I started feeding calves when I was eight, helping in the parlor at age 10, and became a part-time employee by the time I was 12. Dairy cows weren’t just some animal that was on the farm, they were my way of life.

And today, they still are! My family’s farm is now milking 200 head, and operating in a top-of-the line parlor we built in 2006. We raise our own replacement heifers and raise our own crops for corn silage. Sound like a typical farm? Well here is a bit of interesting information for you: we feed our cows with automatic feeders and pelletized feed (and since coming to college I have learned that this kind of feeding is not so common anymore... at least in Ohio). Why, you ask? Don’t worry about that, we have our own reasons for everything, as I’m positive everyone else reading this has their reasons for their farms too!

So my status at the moment is that I am a sophomore at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!!!), studying Agricultural Communications and Animal Science, and working on receiving my Dairy Certificate. I am 2nd vice president of The Buckeye Dairy Club (Don’t get your hopes up, it basically just means I am the cook. Chef Kelsey, is what I like to go by…), an active member in the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, and I attend many, many, social and academic functions throughout the entire school year. After college I hope to continue my life in the dairy industry by a.) Working for Progressive Dairyman publications (hopefully!) and b.) Marrying a good-looking, hard-working, cow loving dairy farmer… much like myself!

So, I sincerely hope that by explaining my life and my intentions to you, you have decided to send me a message telling me that you want to be featured in next month’s Member’s Feature Blog! If you have any questions (and dare I say concerns?) about anything you have read, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a good week everyone, and Happy Halloween!
-Kelsey Holter :)

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Comment by Jan Holter on October 12, 2009 at 10:07am
I really enjoyed your story Kelsey Michelle!! And I am not just saying that because I am your mother!! ha ha I really had NO idea how well you write!! I am Proud to Dairy and Proud I gave birth to you!!!
Comment by Kelsey Holter on October 7, 2009 at 8:29pm
Good job Kels...can you milk this weekend Ha Ha
Comment by Emily Caldwell on October 2, 2009 at 3:36pm
Nice work, Kelsey!

Us East Coast folks need to stick together, ya know! :)
Comment by Walt Cooley on October 1, 2009 at 7:53pm
Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself, Kelsey! Hope to see you in Jerome for an internship someday.
Comment by Ryan Curtis on October 1, 2009 at 10:55am
Let's hear it for Ag Communicators of Tomorrow. Kelsey is showing us that the people that make up the dairy industry are the real reasons we are proud to dairy.


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