This is one of our Portuguese cooking class. Pam Real came with her friend Dot Jones. She enjoyed eating filhoses and drinking milk with the kids.

The following text was sent to us by Mary S. Fernandes.

I want to talk about my 4-H Portuguese cooking class. It has been so much fun. My kids know that every time we have a cooking class that we will have milk. In our last class, we made bacalhau (Salted cod fish). It is a very authentic Portuguese meal. The time we made filhoses (Portuguese donuts) one of our local celebrities Dot Jones joined us while we were making filhoses. So she had milk and filhoses with us. In everything we do, MILK can be part of it.

The festas are coming up. When you go to a festa, please ask for milk. If there is not any milk there, please let the people in charge know. Sometimes people are just so busy and do not have time to put more milk out. Ask if you can help them put more milk out. The festas are a lot of work and I have a great deal of respect for the people who are involved and do all the work. It is not an easy job. I was watching the news and they were talking about a Portuguese celebration of the Holy Ghost in Lincoln, California. They said they fed over one thousand people. This was on channel 13 news. Just imagine how many people are fed around here. Every weekend there is a festa.

Just remember this; if you are involved in the festas and your livelihood depends on milk you better make sure that the milk is out there for everyone to drink. I always see plenty of soda, beer and wine. Sometimes some of the dairy producers forget their priorities.

There are more dairies going out of business every week. There but for the grace of God go I. Where will the milk come from, that is my question? California still today and always has had the highest standards and the best quality of milk. I would hate to have our milk be imported.

Baseball has started. There was no milk in the concession stand. What is going on? I talked to Robert Machado and Danny Costa. Where is the milk? I saw plenty of soda. Robert told me he is going to work on it.

When Anton played baseball, I made sure milk was there. It is time to pass the torch. Some of the kids who play baseball have parents and families that are involved in the dairy industry. These parents should get together and bring milk. Whoever is in charge of the concession stand should purchase the milk like they purchase the soda and the water. If milk is available, the kids will drink milk. If you buy the milk at Save Mart, ask them to give a good deal because the milk is for the kids.

I went to go see Donavon Miguel play baseball; he plays for the A’s sponsored by Hilmar Holsteins, who played against Claus Dairy. Both dairies are sponsors, and there was NO MILK. There are more dairies that also sponsor.

Now I want to challenge every 4-H and FFA leader to have milk in their barn. Let me know if you have milk in your barn. If you do not have milk in your barn, come and see me. I guarantee you we will have milk in our barn. Merced Fair is just around the corner.

For Mother’s day, my gifts were cheese. Guess what I will be giving for Father’s day. Yes, it is cheese.
Graduations or weddings give cheese and/or a gift card from Hilmar Cheese. When I go to a party, I make a cheese platter. I have become so professional that I even bought my own cheese cuber. What do you give someone that has everything? YOU GIVE THEM CHEESE. It is good for every occasion.

As everyone knows, next month is dairy month. Hilmar is having the Dairy Festival. It is the last weekend of June. We are looking for 4-H and FFA kids to bring their animals to the dairy festival. Just contact Maria Nascimento at or Mary Fernandes at . We want to represent our club with honor and respect.

Mary S. Fernandes
The Milk Lady

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Comment by Anthony Avelar on May 25, 2010 at 8:34am
I love Filhos. We just had our festa in Buhl, Idaho. It is always a great time of the year. A local dairyman said it was a magical year. People were giving even though it had been a tough year.


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