By The Milk Lady, Mary S. Fernandes
Dear friends, it’s happening again. Milk is down below support price. It’s unreal how we can go from $20.00 milk to $10.00 milk.
What created this is greed. The world has become so greedy. I can not understand how educated people that make so much money can be so selfish and greedy. Their greed has hurt us all. The banks are in trouble, the stock market, people are losing jobs, their homes, their businesses, and dairy businesses are going out, if not voluntarily forced out. I still can not figure out how the investor, Bernard Madoff from Wall Street, can get away with stealing 50 billion dollars, and like him there are many more.
We as dairy producers are to blame also. We can not be content with the amount of cows we are milking. If we could all cut back we wouldn’t be in this position. We have heard this before a million times. No one wants to cut back because my neighbor isn’t cutting back. Some will say this is a free country. Why should I? It’s free enterprise. This has created the mess we are in.
I hate to say this but if something doesn’t change right away we will need some kind of bail out too. Banks had it, car makers too. My Tia from Canada says that when dairy farmers in Canada feel they don’t get enough money for their milk they just take a few loads of cows to the capital and unload the cows on the front lawn as a protest. The lawn is nice, green and dry. Speaking of dry what are we going to do if farmers don’t get enough water to irrigate? We know that the cows will not have enough food to eat and neither will we. My friend Brian Wilkins told me this, NO COUNTRY IS TRULY FREE IF IT HAS TO DEPEND ON ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR IT’S FOOD. Think about this.
The sad part is that milk has gone down to half of what it was this summer, but in the store it is just a few cents less. One thing we have to do is make sure that the dairy products we buy are from California. Look for the Real California seal. If the seal is not there ask your grocer why are they not buying Real California dairy products. We always buy fresh Foster Farms chicken, California wines, Hilmar cheese or any California cheese. We have to support the industries around us. Even when you buy a car you should by it locally and American made, because it’s that person who drinks the milk, buys the chickens, and who buys the wines, and California fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Hey if I was from Wisconsin I would be saying buy Wisconsin cheese but I am not. So please support the industries around you, buy California grown.
Because milk is so nutritious, Weight Watchers promotes drinking milk. Now Curves encourages ladies to drink 3 or more servings of milk per day for stronger muscles and bones. Please sit down and drink a nice, cold glass of milk. Savor it. It is truly delicious.
The changes we make today can result in a better economic tomorrow. We can make a difference.
What are you doing? I am promoting milk and milk products everyday in everyway that I can. For any occasion, milk and milk products are first. My motto: What do you give someone that has everything? CHEESE

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Comment by Rena Grover on July 12, 2009 at 2:38pm
the idea of cuting back is a fine idea if you can aford it but when we were trying to get a farm credit loan we were told that we have to make more milk to get any help. Dont you just love people?
Comment by Rena Grover on July 12, 2009 at 2:25pm
I think that the big problem in the dairy industry is that the non farmers that move into town and build a house right next to a farm, think that they know everything about cows and farming in jenral. Rather then comeing to help there local farmer when they see a cow out or a barn has fallen down, they go to the board of helth or worse they go to PETA. Just to get us in more truble.
Right about now when the cows arnt milking enough to pay the bills and the tractor broke down but we cant pay to get it fixed. I guess suiside sounds like a dame good idea B/C we arnt gunna make it out alive anyway!
Comment by Walt Cooley on February 9, 2009 at 8:59pm
Troy, thank you for your realistic comments. You bring us back to what we need to all focus on: How to survive and keep going.
Comment by Troy Lenssen on February 6, 2009 at 2:09pm
The trouble is most people dont look and retailers look at the margin not the area when buying food for the store. I live 1 mile from Cananda, Gord you should comment on this, their quota system is not the fix for all. The last time I asked it was $25000/cow for the right to ship just her milk. We are not content b/c of the $10 milk. We all need to get more from everything to keep swimming(treading) and scale is ussually the most effective way to do that. Now days that bussiness plan is being challenged. I know a 9000 cow dairyman in Ca that shot himself last month outta depression b/c he was going to lose everything. Now ALL of us in the USA are....screwwwed. NOONE can make money @$10 with feed and regs and labor. Here in NW Wa the avg BE is around $15+/cwt and we are getting $13ish in Jan and $12ish in Feb. Pray.
Comment by Ryan Curtis on February 4, 2009 at 4:08pm
Obviously she is from California, and they are really pushing California products there. Is it easy to find products made in your area? How would you go about finding out? Is it conceivable to think others know where there food is made? Can it be changed?



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