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Written by the Milk Lady.

I went to see Doctor Bjarnason last week. Doctor Bjarnason has the perfect solution for the over supply of milk. In the morning, give every child a dairy product for snack at 10:00 am. This will be an energy boost. He said give them cheese, milk or yogurt. He also said that kids would do better in school if kids were not hungry. The kids will learn with more ease. For ADD kids, a midmorning snack will benefit them too. This is certainly worth trying. If this is good for the kids, we adults should try it too. The doctor said that we need to do a study, but he said he already knows the answer.
Our dairy organizations should step up and give out more milk to help out the schools and promote more with the youth. I just opened a People magazine and I found an interesting ad. How many of you know Carolina Herrera? Well, Carolina Herrera is designer, a Venezuelan aristocrat. She has on a milk mustache. Would you drink milk if Carolina Herrera drinks it? I asked the ladies at Curves do you know who Carolina Herrera is? They had no idea who she is. I went to Balswick tires and asked Bart and the lady there if they knew Carolina Herrera. They had no idea. He also told me that Hilmar sporting events do not have milk anymore. What happened there? Aren’t there some dairy people out there that can provide milk for the sporting events? Do not forget there still is money available for anyone who is in need of milk at Save Mart on Lander. Very few people outside of New York and Hollywood know who Carolina Herrera is. Realistically, I believe if you put milk mustaches on real people living their lives like kids that play sports, kids in marching bands, kids in agriculture like FFA and 4-H. It is more realistic. The Processing Board, Dairy Management (DMI), the National Board and California Milk Advisory Board should get together and try something new. I know they have done a lot of good things. I love the happy cow commercials but they are not doing it for us. Let us work harder with children and their parents. Let them tell us what they want. McDonalds with McCafe espresso coffees are using a lot of milk and they also have hot chocolate. Domino’s is using 40% more cheese on their pizzas. DMI is working to promote companies that use more milk products.
Hilmar Auto Parts has milk in the store. Dave Moles THANK YOU. Hilmar Lumber is serving ice-cream. That is awesome. Pizza Plus also serves milk. Also I want to thank Bart Balswick for supporting the dairy industry when he was in charge of the concession stand. He made sure they had milk there.
We went to the State Fair this year. It was a great experience. People asked a lot of questions. I had a couple who approached me and asked why are the cows so skinny? Why are their ribs showing? I had to explain that these are milk cows, not beef cows. If you want to see fat cows look at my son’s cows. Mr. Coleman and Jackie Barcelos keep on telling us that our heifers are over conditioned not according to my husband. Just remember that we are not fat, we are over conditioned, and I like that better. Then this couple went on to say that they only buy organic milk. I asked why? They told me that it does not have any antibiotics. Wow, I was speechless. She said that is what their friends say. I told them that they are so wrong. At every dairy, the driver that picks up your milk takes a sample of your milk for antibiotics and bacteria counts. Then when it gets to the milk plant, it is tested again before it goes into the big silos. NO antibiotics are ever in your milk or any milk products. We have very high standards we must follow. We are very proud to follow. You know that other countries do not have to follow the same rules and regulations. Look what happened in China with the baby formula.
Sunday Lira Acoriana (the Portuguese Band) had their card party. It is the band’s fundraiser. We made 600 pounds of flour into filhoses. They used sixty pounds of butter and thirty gallons of milk. We served seventy-five bottles of regular and flavored milk and twenty yogurt smoothies at the break. The milk products were all gone. At the card parties, ninety percent of the people are retired citizens. You should have seen how excited they were about the milk. Like I said before, you provide the milk and people will drink it.
I was so disappointed on Monday, Labor Day. Dairymen picked up the cattle for the auction for the festa of Our Lady of Miracles. They had a free lunch at the Turlock Livestock Auction Yard for whoever was helping pick up the animals and anyone who made a festa donation. I took my neighbors Lucas and Lance Real to have lunch at the auction yard with Anton. As I walked in Tony Oliveira from Gustine and his family were having lunch. The first thing he said to me, Milk Lady, where is the MILK? I told him I had nothing to do with the lunch. If they had asked, I would have been happy to take milk there. In the kitchen, I saw at least ten dairy women. They are all in the same business I am. They also had nondairy creamer for the coffee. IF IT SAYS NONDAIRY, IT IS NOT MILK. I am not complaining about the food. The kids had octopus and they thought it was the greatest food ever. I do not understand being that this is our livelihood why milk and milk products are not the first thing dairy people provide. This would be a huge answer to the surplus of dairy products. The bonus is that 3 servings of milk a day is very healthy. Try to find different ways to incorporate milk into what you do. I already told Bob Estacio and Natalino Silveira that when they come asking for donations to have milk in their ice chest. Please ask for a milk out of their ice chests every time. I encourage all the festas to do that. With all the festas and events that there are, lots of milk can be consumed. In everything else we do, sharing milk and milk products would make a world of difference in the dairy industry.

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