i would like to here other people,s story on how they became to be in the dairy buisness? im 33 yrs old and have been running my own dairy for 14 yrs and milk 220 cow,s what,s your  story??

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Comment by Michelle on June 8, 2011 at 9:03am

My boyfriend and his cousin are 23/24 and started the dairy 4 years ago, they are still going strong milking about 80.  They just build a new calf barn and also a new pit last spring.  They are looking to expand the number they milk in the future.  They were raised doing crops, turkeys and beef cattle so I guess all the hard work is second nature.  They were actually in Leader magazine, for starting a dairy so young! Of course their wonderful girlfriends milk every other weekend and here and there through the week! :)


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