The December 12, 2014 issue of Progressive Dairyman featured the most popular content on The list below highlights the most popular content published on our Proud to Dairy network from Dec. 1, 2013 through Dec. 1, 2014.

1. Pennsylvania farm boy publishes dairy book
In this blog, we featured Philip Herr of Philhaven Farm in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Herr – at 12 years old – wrote, organized, published and promoted a book titled, “Walk a Mile in My Farm Boots.” Herr said he wanted to help show people why we need dairy farmers.

“Sometimes my friends ask funny questions about the farm, and I started to realize that people don’t know a lot about what we do,” he said. “One time a friend asked me why we had towers on the farm. I told him that they were silos and that’s where we stored feed.”

2. 12 photos of calves that don’t even know how cute they are
This purely fun blog featured 12 photos uploaded to Proud to Dairy that showcased how incredibly cute calves are.

3. California dairyman combines passion for video, dairy industry
Dairyman Brett Leyendekker of Tulare, California, shared with us how he spends his days as a herdsman and his evenings editing videos.

“Work on the dairy comes first, but if necessary, my boss and father will allow me to take some time off work to film. For example, last summer I took one morning off to go up in a helicopter and capture aerial footage of the San Joaquin Valley for the promotional piece I was doing for Sierra Desert Breeders,” he said.

Leyendekker was a top 10 finalist in the 2014 World Ag Expo video contest.

4. Winch brothers sing, “Let It Snow”
It just doesn’t get more awesome than three young dairymen making up dairy-themed lyrics to “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” Christina Winch of Fennimore, Wisconsin, shared the adorable video with us Dec. 16, 2013.

5. Our acidified calf feeding system
Ashley Howlett of Bridport, Vermont, uploaded a blog and photos explaining how her farming family converted their old bull barn into a calf barn with mob feeders. Howlett said they had been feeding about 60 calves in hutches and were able to convert to the new system with about $5,000.

“With two calf feeding areas, we’re able to feed 80 calves in the time it took to feed 40 hutch calves,” she said. PTD

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