I never lived on a dairy farm, but have worked on several throughout my life.  I have always had a passion for the dairy cow growing up, I remember looking out my window at night and watching the heifers grazing in the lush green pasture.  Then years later, that farm sold out and houses have since taken its place.  I worked at several dairy farms after that and then went to UW Madison FISC where I specialized in Dairy Science.  With my experence I gained from FISC, I knew I could do more with my-self.  So I joined the local county Dairy Promotion and Farm Bureau where we were active in promoting the dairy industry.  Then last September, I got the chance of a life time, I heard through the grapevine that there was a dairy(Larson Acres Dairy) expanding and looking for a herdsman.  I called and told Larson's I was interested in the position and we set up a interview.  The day after the interview I got a call from Mike and he offered me the job.  And here I am, a herdsman at a 2400 cow dairy, I could not dream of being anywhere elese, assisting in the calvings at the farm, I see a new life and a new future being brought into this world and for that, I am proud and honered to be a dairy farmer. 



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