Wow, after two days I am finally back in the swing of things after a week in Richmond, Virginia at the National Holstein Convention.

While the speech, jeopardy, and quizbowl contests went great, is that what we really came for? For you it may be, but that is not what the week is to me. It is dancing the night away at junior mixers, playing cards in the lobby, and just sitting around reconnecting out with friends that share the same passion as you. I only see some of the these people once a year, so there is never a limit on how much we have to share with one another. Its amazing how much we all have in common, including a love for the dairy industry!


Visiting with friends was not the only thing that got us emotional this past week, on Wednesday we were interrupted by PETA. Yes, PETA tried to ruin our spirits by dressing up in cow costumes and marching in a circle on the street corner. What they did not expect was Holstein lovers rebuttal, a large group went out with cartons of milk to show that we not only raise the animals, but consume the product. A few individuals went to the group of PETA members to look at the packets they were handing out to bystanders on the street, full of uninformed facts. The local news station then came and interviewed a "cow" and a Holstein enthusiast. Unfortunately, only the PETA members comments were aired that night. This goes to show that not only is the public misinformed, they have the media on their side.


We know that we love our cows and our lifestyle. Remember to be patient when dealing with the public, keep a positive attitude, and someday we will show them just how important the welfare of our animals it to us!


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