Since being appointed the the NDB in Oct. of 2006 by the Sec. of Ag 'it has been a very rewarding and informative experience. What we do is take the checkoff dollars from producers and use the dollars to form powerful partnerships to help drive the sales of dairy products. Some of our success stories are of course McDonalds with their Angus Burger which uses 2 slices of cheese. The newest offering from them is the new special Mocca and Latte line up, these use 80% dairy products. This year they are releasing a Smothie and Frappe line. We also have worked with almost all quick serve establishments. We also formed a partnership with the NFL, called Fuel Up To Play 60. Another great partnership is with Domino's Pizza. They introduced the American Legends line of 6 pizzas. They use 40% more cheese, this year they are coming out with even more. Last year in Sept. I was fortunate to be selected to be on a high level trade mission to China, we met with several high ranking officials all the way from factories producing whey bars and beverages, to a meeting with the Chairman of the Chinese Dairy Industry. This meeting was invaluable in securing further sales of our whey and dairy products. With a pop. of 1.4 billion we have a huge growth market. We also work with schools getting the plastic resealable milk containers on the lunch line. What this does is create a life long consumer of a nutrient rich healthful product-milk.

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