Have you ever met someone who astonishes you with the amount of work they actually do?

Because Eric Curtis fits this description.

Originally from Cazenovia, New York, Eric now works on a 150-cow dairy in Shortsville, New York. He works with the two owners of the farm, as well as two other employees. Eric is in charge of a significant load of work on the farm.

“I take care of the cows in the hospital pen and maternity area, which I milk and treat if necessary, assist with calving, feeding and of course make sure all the animal areas are kept clean. I also vaccinate the herd, feed the cows, feed calves and heifers, track heat detection, do field work, assist with harvesting, and more,” says Eric.

And that isn’t all.

On his days off, Eric travels to his family’s dairy 90 miles away to help with anything that may need done there.

“Whenever I can make it home I help with field work, monitor herd health, and perform farm maintenance at home,” says Eric. “I also help with the breeding decisions, showing, clipping, marketing and decision making on our animals.”

And as if that isn’t all, Eric is a member of eight associations: New York State Grange, New York Ayrshire Club, the Ayrshire Breeders’ Association, The New York and National Brown Swiss Associations, the New York and National Holstein Associations, and the Ontario County Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers.

But has Eric always been so involved in the industry?

“With both of my parents being born and raised on dairy farms and my father being a retired dairy college professor, the dairy industry
is bred into me.”

Growing up, Eric was active in 4-H, showing and participating in dairy quiz bowls. While
in high school and college, he was employed on dairy farms in New York and

He is a graduate from both State University of New York and Cornell University with degrees in Dairy Science. He was active in both schools’ dairy clubs,and even studied abroad to Spain to study their dairy industry.

What kind of advice does he want to share with other young inspiring “dairyers”?

“Gain as much experience as possible,” he says. “I would definitely recommend working on other farms first to see how other people manage and operate their farms. You can then bring that experience, knowledge, and new ideas back to your family farm or your own operation.”

Some fun facts about Eric:

Favorite Ice Cream? “Fudge Brownie”

Favorite Breed? “Brown Swiss. I love how they look and their personalities.”

Favorite flavor of milk? “Upstate Farms Intense Chocolate Milk” (This sounds so yummy!!)

Favorite Cheese? “Extra Sharp Cheddar”

Favorite way to eat a Cheeseburger? “Grilled with Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, and Ranch Dressing.”

Favorite Cow? “My five-year-old Ayrshire, Cedarcut Jericho Carin Cher, EX-90”

Thank you Eric for all that you do!

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