Our accountant was here yesterday . And because of the extremely low milk prices we lost thousands of dollars this year. For the first time probably in our life we have no taxes to pay . No federal , no state and no local taxes. I guess in a way it is good ? Our one daughter said it is a blessing in disguise. Because if we did have taxes to pay , I have no idea where we would even get the money to pay them . On the other hand, it isn't a good thing to be in the hole is it ? The accountant said every farm client he had , it was the same thing , no taxes to pay. He said he had a young couple who will probably not make it. More than likely they will lose their farm. It is so sad. I have said over and over ,where do people think their dairy products and food are going to come from , when there are no more family farms ? Someone ( who ?? ) seems to be very determined to drive the family farm out of business. And they seem to be doing a wonderful job. More and more farmers are losing their farms ,their land and their livelihood. The accountant told us that one of his clients was on one of the buses who traveled to Washington DC in the beginning of December. He said she came back very discouraged. That what she found there , was the politicians do not care . They do not care that a farmer is so depressed over losing his farm , he kills himself. They do not care that a farmer who has farmed his ground for years will lose everything . THEY DO NOT CARE !! The politicians have forgotten who they are there for and who they are to represent. They are our employees . It is a very sad situation in our country , that the people who grow the food people eat , can't afford to feed their own family. I can only hope and pray that someone wakes up and soon !

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