Oklahomans are survivors.  It's not easy, but we work at it. The great seal of the state of Oklahoma features our state motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” which means, “Labor conquers all things.”  Oklahomans are really hard workers.  We work and establish and build and grow and expand.  When disaster strikes, we work and clean up and start over.

Here is a nice little history of the dairy industry in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State University has the nation’s very first Dairy Science Club, established in 1924.  The Dairy Cattle Center is currently studying the productivity of Holsteins versus Jerseys.  We are also very proud of our OSU Dairy Judging Team!  

Braum’s Dairy and Hiland Dairy are the local dairy brands that you will find in our stores.  Braum’s has their own ice cream and dairy stores, and they have a great facility which offers tours.  Here's a little bit of history.  Hiland depends on local dairies to supply their plant. Everyone drinks Hiland milk at school.  The other night when we stopped at Starbuck's, we noticed that they were using Hiland milk in our drinks.

The Van der Laan family dairy is the second largest family owned dairy in Oklahoma behind Braum’s.  I am lucky to know this great family.  We always enjoy visiting with them at the dairy shows and field days.

Oklahoma is also famous for Sonic Drive-Ins.  Both Sonic and Braum's are places people from out of state like to visit while they are here. Sonic doesn't have a dairy, but what makes them special is their commitment to using REAL ice cream in their frozen treats.  I sure wish all places would do that.

The Oklahoma Purebred Dairy Cattle Association works very hard to support dairy activities.  We have Dairy Max promoting dairy throughout our state.  I've had a chance to work with them a little.

We have two state fairs:  The Oklahoma State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair, both in September.  O

klahoma is also home to OYE, the Oklahoma Youth Expo.  It is THE WORLD'S LARGEST junior livestock show...but they DO NOT ALLOW DAIRY.  (Can you tell that doesn't make me happy?)

Oklahoma is home to the the Southern Spring National Holstein Show and the Jersey Show in April,the Sooner State Dairy Show in July, and the Heart of America Southwestern National Brown Swiss Show every October.   These are great shows featuring some of the best stock from Oklahoma dairies and beyond.

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