A little over a month ago now, I was honored to be given the title of Oregon Dairy Princess-Ambassador (ODPA). Over the next year I will travel the state representing dairy farmers and promoting dairy products. I was invited to blog about my experiences once a month over the next year. I am so excited for all of the events that I will do and all the people (mainly children) I will reach to spread the news of dairy farming. So here goes...my first blog entry. 


My first month started off pretty slow, my advisor allowed for some "adjustment time" to talk with my professors at school and make the arrangements to get started on my busy year. But I did have the opportunity to promote the Oregon Dairy Farmers "Yoga and Yogurt" campaign on Good Day Oregon. As well as had the opportunity to visit 4 kindergarten classrooms in Portland. A lot of my work as the ODPA will be in the classrooms giving a 20 minute presentation on the different aspects of dairy farming and the benefits of getting 3-a-day. 


A lot of the kids at this school have lived in Portland for their whole life. Many of them have never seen a cow. They absolutely love to hear about the cows and what goes on at dairy farms. At the very end of the presentation I open it up for questions. This is my favorite portion because kids really do ask the funnyist things. My personal favorites for the day were "Do cows ride bikes?" "Do cows take showers?" and the chart topper, "What happens when you have a loose tooth, drink milk, and then take a bite of an apple?" I have NO idea where the kids come up with these. But regardless of the funny questions it is a great feeling knowing that these kids were exposed to the Dairy Industry. 


The next month has a lot in store for me. I have two different trips to take, lots of kids to talk to, and hopefully some good questions to answer. 


Until next time. Happy Dairying. :-) 

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