Organic vs. “Conventional” dairy. Lately I’ve been reading some misconceptions, misleading information and just misinformation that’s been flying around the blogging world comparing the two. I wanted to respond with true information regarding this subject.
But may I first begin by saying, Dominic and I are friends with MANY dairymen and women, both conventional and organic. We are all friends with one ........ to read more.......

~nancy, The Wife of a Dairyman

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Comment by Katherine Dotterer-Pyle on July 3, 2010 at 7:28am
The only issue with organic vs conventional is the advertising. Whenever I walk into a grocery store and go to the dairy aisle it boasts how great and wonderful organic dairy products are over regular dairy products. As a "conventional" dairy producer myself, that upsets me because there is nothing wrong with our milk. And where is the extra money people are willing to pay for "organic" going anyway? Conventional dairy farmers work just as hard as organic dairy farmers and we should all be paid fairly for our products. One is not superior over the other. It's the consumer that gets tricked into thinking the opposite.

Loved that you cleared up the BST misconception. Really, BST is a technology that allow dairy producers to increase their bottom line, just as any other business would want to do. Any other industry usually benefits from new and improving technology, yet the dairy industry seems as though it is constantly ridiculed for any advancement in technology. We need to contine to educate society that without technology, we won't have the resources to feed everyone by 2030.


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