"Our" cows are happy in their new home!

We still call them "our" cows even though they are at a new farm now. Joe, the buyer of our herd, just sent us a message and said, and I quote, “I’m so glad that I bought them. I love these girls to death. So much personality. I think that they were the perfect fit for us.” What a great message for us to receive! It almost brought tears to my eyes to know that "our" cows are doing so well and are so well loved! We are extremely happy that we sold our herd to him and not to someone else. We had chances to sell our cows at an auction or to cattle dealers who would have split them up and sold them in small groups to a lot of other farmers. But we wanted to keep the herd together and sell them to someone who would love and care for them the way we always did. We are so glad that we took our time to find just the right buyer for our cows. Joe’s farm really is the perfect place for them!”

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