Our son, Scott, and his wife, Beth, married last September.  Lillian Louise Weiss was born on 7-11-14, a "Slurpee" baby!  She is the 7th generation to live at Weiss Centennial Farm.  Scott and Beth currently live in the Altsitz (German for "home where the old people sit"), a half mile from the big farm house.  We'll switch homes in a few more years when they have more children and/or Roger and I retire.

       Her birth reaffirms my belief that God loves and cherishes us.  He gives us His best and we use His gifts to further His kingdom.  Lillian will learn lots about cows and crops as she grows up.  We are eager to share our farming heritage with her.  We're also eager to make her a child of God's kingdom through baptism at St. Lorenz Church where seven Weiss generations worshipped and attended K-8 school.  Hopefully, she loves both places.  Whether she lives here or grows up and pursues her own dreams, we hope she respects the men and women who provide food for the world and loves her Lord with all her heart.

       New "Aunt Margie", our dairy-crazy daughter, became an aunt and "mama" on 7-14 too.  She has a new heifer calf from a heifer to nurture.  Margie dedicates herself to these four-legged newborns.  She dreams about the production potential of this newest herd mate.  Margie teases Beth with dairy chatter about hutches, weaning, and genetic pools as Beth dreams about nurseries, pre-school, and 4-H horse shows for Lillian.  For both new moms, a baby is a blessing and a hope and a responsibility they eagerly embrace.

      Roger and I are grateful for Johann LELY (our milking robot), too, with a grandchild to love so nearby!   We feed and care for cows same as generations before, but Johann handles the time-consuming milking routine!  He milked for us while we celebrated Scott's marriage day last year, while we visited Lillian right after she was born, and while we welcomed Beth and Lillian home Monday.  He was as good and patient as ever with Margie's new Mama cow as she was introduced to him at milking time. 

      Six days later... Margie's heifer cow has mastered the milking routine with Johann.  Lillian is just beginning to train Scott and Beth... Hope they master the midnight feeding routine soon!

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