Dairy farmers attending the 2010 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit in Lancaster earlier this month shared why they are proud to dairy in Pennsylvania. The Center for Dairy Excellence compiled a slideshow featuring comments from producer leaders involved in the summit, while participants were invited to share their comments on a white board. Some of the comments they shared are listed below.

¨ We feed the world with God’s most perfect food!

¨ I am proud to produce a healthful product.

¨ To continue the family legacy and tied to the earth!

¨ I’m proud to dairy because farmers do so much more than produce milk. They are businessmen, architects, veterinarians, engineers and more.

¨ Dairy is all I know and love. I can’t think of anything better to do on God’s great earth than to work on a dairy.

¨ To provide for everyone and teach how important it is. I am proud to go in my father’s footsteps and help build something we both love.

¨ Working with some of God’s greatest creatures—Dairy Cows!!

¨ Provide employment in this beautiful state.

¨ The connection you feel with the cows when you raise them through their life!!

¨ Why not? What could be better than cooperating with good cows and good people to make a nutritious, quality, and wholesome product?

¨ Great people—Great product—God’s work!

¨ To contribute to the state’s #1 industry, produce a wholesome product, and carry on a family lifestyle that we all love.

¨ I love the lifestyle and working with God’s creation and the Holstein dairy cow!

¨ To continue my family tradition by being stewards to the land and producing milk.

¨ It’s all about the cows! It’s truly amazing what they can provide for us.

¨ It is a life long family tradition that is an important part of American history and development.

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Comment by Ryan Curtis on February 9, 2010 at 3:39pm
Way to go PA Dairy Summit attendees. I wish we had a good way to put all these quotes in front of consumers. It would help them appreciate dairy products more, I think.


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