Today I got an email from the Progressive Dairyman as usual, and I read through it. But what really caught my eye was the article about how PETA is opening up about their dairy standards, such as group penning of heifer calves and no more dehorning and docking of tails. I decided to comment during the free time I had during horticulture class and I will tell you, I was not very happy. I complained on how if we cannot teach our cows who is the boss, then they will just walk all over us and that could endanger our lives. To me, it seems that PETA doesn't truly understand how badly things can turn out if we do not disipline our animals. Now I'm not saying that we should beat them, but we need to teach these cows who the boss is. To me, it seems a little ridiculous that there are people who go to the measures of making secret tapes of farms just to get up on their soapbox and look like the good guys. If you are too scared to actually ask permission to tape things, then that is extremely shady. Now I don't know if they edited the videos, but I wouldn't put it past them. If you're a part of PETA or any other humane society, if I offended you, then I am sorry. I just needed to vent on how upset I was over this.    

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