Progressive Dairyman — Canada gives readers a “sneak peak” into Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

The September issue of Progressive Dairyman – Canada gives readers a “sneak peak” into next week’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in the article, Ontario readies for Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

In the article, Progressive Dairyman highlights what will be featured in each of the three popular areas for dairy producers – the BriteSpan Dairy Innovation Centre, Grober Young Animal Development Centre and live field demonstrations.

Included below is an excerpt from the online article, featuring our very own, Jerry Claessens, General Manager of Lely Canada:

What are the featured displays for this year?
Lely Canada Inc. will again, as in the previous years, have a live milking demonstration. The live milking will feature the new Astronaut A4 milking robot this year.

It will be the first time this model will be shown at Woodstock. The A4 features I-flow cow movement for the quickest entrance and exit of the cow to the robot.

The A4 also features new milk pump technology for gentle milk handling. The A4 has a new sleek look. Lely will also feature the latest Discovery model, the SW, with a water tank on board to pre-condition the slats for more thorough cleaning.

What do you hope attendees will take away from their visit?
As in other years, seeing the live milking demonstration allows the attendees to see this wonderful technology working as it does on the farm and visit with our sales and marketing staff to have any and all questions answered.

For the full article, we encourage you to visit Progressive Dairyman – Canada’s website.

We hope you’ll stop by Lely’s booth in the BriteSpan Dairy Innovation Centre to see the Astronaut robotic milking system in action and ask questions about the technology.

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