Progressive Dairyman magazine proudly serves the U.S. dairy industry.

We have created the Proud to Dairy logo as a symbol of respect for forward-thinking dairy producers and their families. This logo represents dairymen and women sharing and exemplifying dairying’s fundamental values of hard work, persistence, ingenuity, honesty and homegrown success.

These Proud to Dairy families are committed to dairying beyond its ability to provide a paycheck. They acknowledge the values and lifestyle that dairying affords their families. They will continue to preserve this lifestyle for their families and future generations.

Yes, dairy producers are leading contributors to a healthy agricultural economy. Their values and work ethic have been instilled by past generations … and continue to be passed to farm kids today. These producers are not ashamed to talk about the strength of character that American dairy families contribute to our nation’s population. It’s a fact! Dairy producers exemplify America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Every day, they seek innovative solutions to address their dairy’s human resources, financial and day-to-day herd management challenges. Yet progressive operators remain true to their social responsibilities, especially the environment … and the dairy animals that provide their livelihood. They’ll always treat these resources with the greatest care. Doing so creates both economical and social wealth for their families and communities.

If dairying is your life, your heritage or in your future, join with your Proud to Dairy peers. We’d appreciate you proudly displaying the Proud to Dairy logo on your dairy. Please take moment to visit to learn about other dairies that are proud to dairy.

Please understand that Proud to Dairy is not an award program or hands out trophies. It is not a cause to join nor are we asking you to contribute money. It is about America’s dairy producers acknowledging what is most dear to them and their commitment to provide safe, healthy dairy nutrients for our own nation as well as the world. PD

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Comment by on October 8, 2009 at 9:11am
Thank you for Progressive Dairymen for publishing my audit post from my blog, in your latest issue Oct 12, 2009. I am humbled and honored and I thank you! Barbara
Comment by Roland C. Wardell on December 29, 2008 at 9:22pm
The natural way changing the world one person at a time.



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