Promoting the agricultural industry as a youth

Month 3:

What do you think are the three most important things youth your age can do to promote the agricultural industry?

I don’t know if these are the three MOST important things, but I think we should:

*be involved in agriculture projects 

*lead by example


*learn as much as we can and share with people in our little corners of the world

1. Join 4-H and/or FFA and get involved, don’t just be a member.

Enroll in Ag classes in school, and do your work.  What kind of kid                                                

fails Ag?  One that doesn’t do any work.  Ag is not a blow-off class.

There are CDEs (career development events) and SAEs (supervised agriculture experiences).  Sign up for judging trips.  Enter indoor exhibits at the county fair. 

Go after the special awards.  Keep a recordbook.  Take advantage I’ve always loved my English Language Arts classes, but I think Ag might be my favorite class now.  

2. “Positive social media” - Look at the Peterson brothers  and Little Fred to name a couple.  Promote your ag area.  Share what you know.  Be a “cheerleader” for your favorite areas of the ag industry.  

You don’t have to sing.  Use instagram, twitter, or facebook or youtube or a blog to promote the work you do in your area or promote the work someone else is doing in an ag area.  

Wear t-shirts that promote your area, your organization, and agriculture in general.  Advertise how agriculture affects EVERYONE.    

I have been given great opportunities by Kara Eschbach of the Tulsa State Fair Livestock Shows through the blog they asked me to write.  In less than a year, that blog has been viewed by people in 35 different countries! Also because of the blog I’ve even been interviewed for Tulsa’s FOX23 television!  I don’t even live anywhere NEAR Tulsa!

3. Get involved with a promotional group and work with them or by yourself at public events.   For those who aren’t involved with dairy, they could work with the wheat commission or pork council or beef council or something.  There are always farm expos and fairs where they need people to hand out information.  These groups have lots of great information from the research they’ve done in the industry.  You will learn things while you are helping.    

I am given lots of opportunities by the fantastic Susan Allen of Dairy Max.  I have my own booth that I take with me.  I pass out pamphlets, bracelets, kids‘ cookbooks, pencils, cow erasers, “I love CHEESE”  and “I love MILK” stickers, and all kinds of other promotional stuff from Dairy Max and Milk PEP.  I ride in parades.  I even pass stuff out to the little kids that come visit me on my aisle at the fairs and other dairy shows.  I hook them up with stickers and bracelets and even let them pet my cutest little heifer. 

Gotta get ‘em interested while they’re little. 

That’s what happened with me! 

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