We at Endert Farms insist on producing milk of the highest quality that makes us proud. We take extreme pride in our dairy and its product. If we can’t drink it, neither will anyone else!
We raised two fantastic daughters on our farm that now have very respectable jobs. One daughter works for the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture as a dairy inspector, and the other works with DNA at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Without the dedication and responsibilities they had at our farm, we don’t think they would have received these positions.
You have to love the land, the animals and your lifestyle to stay alive in the dairy industry today and with a good management system and pride, we will survive.
I have always said, “We don’t have to go to Las Vegas to gamble! Everyday is a gamble with the weather, prices and the agricultural industry. From day to day you don’t know what will be thrown your way. Do the best you can do, take one day at a time and stay above the water and you’ll survive”. We brought our girls up with the same belief.

Endert Farms
Mark and Kathy Endert.
Gladwin, Michigan

I am proud to dairy.
This story I wrote for my 4-H records says it best I think. I have attached a picture of me in front of my cows.
My name is Edwin Winship. I am 18 years old and have just completed my 9th year in 4-H. I joined when I was 9. I live on a dairy farm and I am interested in everything that goes with it.

Planning/Organizing: I do this every day at home. Instead of driving just the tractor to the hayfield, I take hay wagons, baling twine with me to save trips.
Problem Solving: When my motorized feed cart chain came off, I had to figure out why it happened and fix it to stop it from happening again.

Social Skills: When the feed salesman comes, I talk to them asking the advantage of one feed over another, what the silage sample information tells them so they can suggest a feed for the milkers.
Concern for others: When other people come to help , I make sure they don’t get hurt doing something that is new to them or too heavy for them.

Self Motivation: When there are work days at Cumberland Fair, I always go with my dad and do things that I know need to be done.

Safety: When I work on equipment, I take precautions like disconnecting the PTO shaft. When I am driving a tractor on the road I use hand signals and make sure the other drivers know what I am going to be doing.
Character: I try to keep everybody feeling OK and not be mad at each other so no feelings get hurt.

4-H participation has helped me a lot because my main project has been dairy, and I live that everyday. I can’t always go to all of the things my club does because only our family works on the farm and there would not be anyone to do the work if I went. This summer was very hard for our farm because of all of the rain, so when the sun came out I stayed home to hay even though there were fairs I could have gone to. I am proud that I am the 5th generation on our farm and I want to continue it in some way, somewhere. In the dairy project I have seen a lot of different operations and ways to do things. All of this helps me picture what my farm might look like someday.

Edwin Winship
Windham, Maine

My name is Peter McNish. The reason I am proud to be dairy as a dairyman is the great things that come from milk. Like, the strong bones and teeth the children have from drinking milk, the great food you can make using milk and the joy of sharing my milk with everyone.

Peter McNish
Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada

The dairy producers are truly an American icon, from the multi-generational farms that spread out across this nation to the new high-tech mega dairies. This is an industry of proud, hardworking folks that speak there mind and know their herd. Each time I have the pleasure to meet with a dairyman I walk away with the joy of having had the opportunity.
Kelby Hargrave, Agrivolt
Fresno, California

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