I have talked about my parents a lot in the past.  But now, it's my turn to be the proud older sister.  Following in a similar path at Michigan State University is my younger brother Kevin.  With all of my pride put aside he has been very successful at State.  He is the president of the MSU Dairy Club, he has been chosen as the summer intern for Nestle-Gerber in Fremont and has found a great group of friends that support him.

This is my family and I together at my brother's high school graduation.

One of the major MSU Dairy Club fundraisers is having a Holiday Cheese Sale.  The sale takes the efforts of every club member to make a success.  The sale funds the club's activities through out the year and part of the proceeds of the Classic Box go to Farm Safety 4 Just Kids.  Sadly, the sale is already finished, but I will be sure to get your geared up for it early next year!

Progressive Dairyman did a podcast about the sale, listen for the club president, Kevin Messing.  That's my "little-big" brother.

52nd Annual MSU Cheese Sale Podcast

There are thousands of great examples of the future of the dairy industry.  This group is just one of many throughout the country and the world.  They make me excited to work with them and I know we have a bright future.

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