Proud to Dairy member heads to New Zealand this year

Penn State student Hannah Wentworth of Quarryville, Pennsylvania, joined the Proud to Dairy network in November 2011.


She says she learned about the site during a presentation made to the Penn State Dairy Science Club, where she served as a chair of the annual holiday cheesebox sale last fall. In addition to being a member of the club, Hannah has participated on the Penn State Dairy Judging Team and interned with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.


We recently asked her to share more information about herself and her dairy goals.


Q. What’s your dairy background?

I was blessed to grow up on an Ayrshire and Jersey dairy farm, and now I am currently studying animal sciences at Penn State University.


Q. Why did you decide to join the Proud to Dairy network?

I joined to become more of an advocate for the dairy industry via social media and to connect with other dairy enthusiasts.


Q. Why do you want to remain a part of the dairy industry?

This year I will be studying abroad in New Zealand for four months to gain insight into their dairy industry. After college, I plan on working in the dairy industry. I want to become more of an “agvocate” to share my enjoyment of dairy with others.


Q. What makes you Proud to Dairy?

My passion for the industry is contributed to the pride of providing wholesome dairy products for consumers, as well as being caretakers for animals and the land.


Q. Where can people learn more about you?

Follow me on Twitter at @WentworthHannah or visit my blog at: PTD

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