The following article ran in the first 2011 issue of Progressive Dairyman. Click here to read the digital edition.

After such great feedback from Progressive Dairyman’s Top 25, we thought the Proud to Dairy crowd would enjoy reading similar statistics.


From December 1, 2009 to December 1, 2010, had 15,442 unique visitors and more than 62,000 unique pageviews.


During that time, membership on the site increased from 250 members to today’s total of 494! About 170 blogs, 36 videos and 465 photos were posted to the site in the past year. 


The following were the Top 5 most well-read blog posts:
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#1: You choose the winner
Our June Dairy Month photo contest was quite popular. We received 10 submissions and narrowed those down to five finalists. A total of 243 people voted in the contest, and this particular blog was viewed 446 times.


Do you have suggestions for June Dairy Month 2011? E-mail them to

#2: World Dairy Expo surprise!
A close second in the Top 5 most well-read blogs was Kim Wilson’s proposal story from the 2010 World Dairy Expo. Kim tells this sweet story in such an entertaining way, and her husband-to-be, Brandon, should definitely be admired for his creativity.


We sent the couple a pair of Proud to Dairy hats, and Kim was kind enough to post a photo (below).
We wish these two a long, happy, Proud to Dairy life together!

#3: New Mexico dairy industry: Growing as it goes
Blogs featuring dairy states have been very well read, especially since blogger Ashley Sears began contributing in July 2010.


This particular feature, posted in January, talks about the progress of the New Mexico dairy industry and the potential future, with programs like the Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium.

#4: Dairy farmer is proud to run Boston Marathon for ag
It’s not every day you hear about a dairy farmer running the Boston Marathon. Perhaps that’s why this blog was so popular. Marcia Itle of Loretto, Pennsylvania, wore a Team BEEF jersey while participating in the April event.


She took every opportunity she could to educate other runners on the benefits of consuming dairy and meat products. In addition to serving as such a great advocate for agriculture, Marcia is certainly a great example of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

#5: Be an agricultural ambassador!
Blogger Sarah Caldwell got the attention of ag communicators everywhere with this post, in which she discussed the four C’s of ag literacy: create, collaborate, communicate and celebrate.


The soon-to-be college graduate discussed Ag Day, an event led and run by Penn State students that aims to educate non-agricultural students about an industry so important to their daily lives. Sarah will serve as one of the chairs for the third annual Ag Day, to be held in April 2011.

R U Proud?
We’d like to see the number of blog posts and members continue to increase, so we’re offering a free Proud to Dairy hat to the 500th member* and the person* who posts the 250th blog.


Let us know what you’d like to see happen with your dairy operation – or the dairy industry in general – in 2011. And as always, tell us what makes you Proud to Dairy!  PD

*Hat recipient must reside in United States.

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