Purple Cow Milkshakes, Grape juice milk shakes, Hukleberry milk shakes

I have been involved in agriculture my whole life. It cracks me up when I hear people say things like

1. Milk comes from white cows.

2.  Chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

3.  Or milk comes from the store.

None of those things are true.  Well, most people do get milk from the store. But it doesn't really come from the store.  It comes from cows.  Some cows are black and white, some are brown and white and some are all black, brown or white.  All cows give white milk.  That's the educational part of my dairy month celebration.  I hope you feel informed.

I thought you might need that background so you would understand that you can make Purple Cows even though you probably don't have access to a purple cow.  Or any cow for that matter.

Purple Cows

Add softened vanilla ice cream to blender.

Add grape juice concentrate.

Add milk. I think I could eat this milkshake just like this.  Right out of the blender.

Don't eat it all.  Blend until smooth.  It will be worth waiting to eat it.

Purple Cow Milkshakes, Frozen Treats, Kids in the Kitchen

Pour into glasses, enjoy and be glad you didn't have to milk a purple cow to get this little treat!!

Purple Cows are a fun spin on the classic milk shake!!  They remind me of huckleberry ice cream. Besides, who could resist a milkshake with the name "Purple Cows"!!

For the printable recipe go to:  http://wp.me/p3plic-gC

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