Hi I'm Randy winch. I live on a dairy farm that owns 300 cows. this fall, so far we've had 17 female calves and 12 male calves. The boy calves we sell. In the barn doing chores it's noisy!!!!


It takes about 2-3 feedings to get the calves sucking good on bottle.   My favorite part about feeding calves is getting them on the rack so we don't have to go in the pen and feed them.  One time we had 9 calves born in one day!


To bring a calf into the calf barn we have to take the cow out to the parlor.  And we have to put the calf in the calf cart and take it to the barn.  Once at the barn, we have to dip it's navel with iodine, weigh it, and dehorn it.  We also make sure that it has a full belly of colostrum from it mom.


Taking care of calves is fun but a lot of work.

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