"rbST Free" Hormones in Milk, What's the Difference?

We, as consumers, are bombarded on a daily basis regarding the safety of the food we consume. Is coffee bad for you? Is chocolate bad for you? Beef; grass fed, natural or feed lot finished, does it make a difference in how healthy the product is? And then there's MILK. This wonderfully wholesome product get's the worst of the backlash {in my opinion}. There are many avenues I could touch on relating to misconceptions of milk to share with you, but today, it's hormones - bST and rbST- which is the synthetic type.

Yes, milk does contain hormones, bST- Bovine Somatotropin, which is a natural hormone milk also contains other hormones, one of which is estrogen. Look what else contains estrogen and how much. {I didn't realize veggies contain that many more nanograms of estrogen than milk}

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