Robot barn progressing well, anyone got extra transponders?

      The rain keeps us out of the fields, but does not slow down the robot barn building too much.  In fact, the building project keeps our minds diverted from thinking about how far behind we are in field work... We did mow some hay yesterday and will chop tomorrow if all goes well.  (It looks like rain right now, but maybe it will go around us)



     In this photo you can see how the robot barn addition is fitting into our current exercise yard area.  We currently have two groups of cows and two rations.  When done, the cows will have the whole barnyard and either set of freestalls to choose from and the robot will allow us to make 60 different rations with a base bunk mix available to all.  The new addition is visible in this picture because we have taken the roof off the bunk to get trusses into the exercise yard.


     Our daughter, Margie, turns out not to be too afraid of heights and has helped all the various crews that come to build: cement, electrical, plumbing, constuction, robot installation.  She and Scott are also in charge of finishing walls in the robot room.


      One big delay could be transponders:  the tsunami in Japan has delayed manufacturing and there were not any available for our robot when we took delivery last Friday.  Our dealer and LELY in Iowa aare currently looking for extra supply in Canada for US customers.  We hope they find 'em, we are ccurrently on track to begin milking by June 6th, if all continues at current speed.  We had a webinar with another farmer in the Thumb of Michigan who is beginning milking in his robots tomorrow!  We might have to go check that out if we have time.


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Comment by Ashley Messing on June 8, 2011 at 12:43pm
Great to see such progress Marjie!  Marco has started milk in his facility and I hope it's going well.  When you get them installed and the cows acclimated, I would LOVE to make the drive to Frankenmuth to see them.  I'm thinking about robots as a long term solution to labor. :) Best of luck on getting caught up on your field work and finding transponders.


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