We in agriculture do a good job of sharing our story with each other, but we may not be reaching those not involved in agriculture. With less than 2% of the U.S. population engaged in production agriculture, now it’s more important than ever to share our story with the non-agriculture community.

When your involved in production agriculture it’s challenging to find time to maintain a blog, post facts on Facebook, tweet, etc. There are lots of good websites and social media outlets that provide accurate information about dairy that are written for a non-ag audience. So you don’t necessarily need to create your own, just “share” information that is already available.

A few of my favorites include:

Dairy Farming Today website @ http://www.dairyfarmingtoday.org/DairyFarmingToday

Ohio Dairy Farmers website @ http://www.ohiodairyfarmers.com/ (your state milk promotion organization probably has a similar website)

Moo Milk website @ http://www.moomilk.com/

Dairy Farming Today’s Facebook page features 10 good dairy blogs @ http://www.facebook.com/dairyfarmingtoday#!/notes/dairy-farming-today/dairy-blogs/60115234257

A Day in the Life of a Farm Vet blog @ http://thefarmvet.blogspot.com/

Advocates for Agriculture blog @ http://www.advocatesforag.blogspot.com/

American Farm Bureau blog @ http://www.fb.org/blog/index.php

You can follow these websites and blogs and forward articles from them to your friends.

In the comments section below, please share your favorite dairy websites, Facebook pages, Twitter pages and YouTube channels.

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